The history of the San Giovanni thermal basin has ancient origins. The first inhabitants of the area discovered the benefits of this unique part of the sea, a shallow basin surrounded by a strip of land that separates it from the open sea of ​​the gulf between Carpani and Portoferraio, now a natural park.

Since the end of the nineteenth century the mud collected here was used to cure the fatigue and pain of the days of work of fishermen and miners, who lived on the island. Over time and with the diffusion of news about it, the empirical knowledge of the advantages brought by these muds was transformed into scientific research, until 1963, the year in which, following numerous studies, the spa was created.

From that moment on, research intensified to better understand the qualities of the products that the unique ecosystem of San Giovanni could offer and to extract the most effective active ingredients.

The algae and marine plants that grew spontaneously in the thermal basin were collected and transformed into decoction and micronized algae, becoming, together with the thermal mud (maris limus), components of the Terme San Giovanni cosmetic products.

University analyzes show that these plants and marine algae contain: iodine, sulfur, mineral salts, vitamins, proteins and alginic acid. The active ingredients improve the hydration of the epidermis, contribute to the reactivation of the peripheral arterial and lymphatic circulation, for the antiseborrhoeic action they are effective in the treatment of seborrhea of ​​the scalp and oily skin in general, for the high iodine content they contribute to the metabolism of subcutaneous fat (cellulite), they also help fight osteoarthritis, eliminate fatigue (lactic acid elimination), help make the skin supple and soft, fight stress.